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Buyers Guide

I want to buy, but what do I do?

Below is a run down of things you might need to know to be able to take part in buying at the auctions, we have a general auction every month in Sheffield, United kingdom.


Viewing will take place at the Carlisle Street saleroom on the day before the sale 9.30am to 4.30pm and the morning of sale, 9.30am to 12 Noon. The items are not on view at the point of sale and it is therefore adviseable to make notes and mark your catalogue at viewing.


Bidding will be by a buyer's number card and all parties wishing to bid at the auction must obtain a buyer's number from the registration clerk by completing a Bidder's Registration Slip fully and legibly and producing official proof of identity (i.e. driving licence or other official document with name, current postal address and signature thereon) at this time.

The buyer's number should be kept exposed and visible to the auctioneer when bidding, and potential purchasers should note that no bids will be accepted from any party unless a buyer's card is displayed.

Registration will take place during the viewing and sale times as detailed.


The details and descriptions of the individual lots are given in good faith but without obligation to the vendor or purchaser. Purchasers should rely on their own inspection of the goods. No warranty or guarantee is given with any item except where specifically mentioned.


Purchasers should be aware that at the fall of the hammer the goods purchased become their responsibility even though collection of the goods may not be allowed until payment has been made. The purchasers should therefore ensure that they have covered the goods for insurance purposes for all the usual risks.


At the end of the catalogue there is a form upon which commission bids can be entered in the case of difficulty in attending the sale. Bids are accepted on behalf of interested parties without liability on behalf of the auctioneers.

In addition, successful bidders will be notified by telephone as soon after the sale as possible, usually on the evening of the auction or on the following morning.


Where consecutive lots are IDENTICAL and the auctioneer announces the option TO RUN is available, then the purchaser of the first lot will have the option to take any number of consecutive identical lots at the same bid price per lot. Where consecutive lots are similar, and the auctioneer announces the option to choose is available, the purchaser of the lots will have the ability to choose any one or more of the lots notified at the same bid price per lot. THE ABOVE OPTIONS WILL NOT EXIST UNLESS SPECIFICALLY NOTIFIED AT THE POINT OF THE SALE. These facilities will only apply when specifically announced by the auctioneer. If they wish, purchasers may object to the items being sold in this manner by indicating at the time, the items will then be sold individually

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Published on: 2005-07-19 (16930 reads)

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